Masterful Evocateur Interactive Webinar

Michael Stratford Can Help You Unleash Your Masterful Evocateur

Become the Ultimate Coach! An Evolutionary Coach…a coach whose Presence Evokes Genius from their clients.

Michael Stratford Can Help You Unleash Your Personal TransformationAs the Provocateur of Transformation, and the Founder of  Evolutionary Coaching, Michael Stratford can help you evolve your coaching so that you and your clients engage in your ongoing personal and professional transformation instead of making a leap, stopping and having to create the energy to leap again.

Masterful Evocateur is a 9 week deep dive into the practice and presence required to powerfully call forth the essence of the client so that it no longer resides as mere potential. When that potential is Presenced it transforms into the client’s true power to affect their lives and their world in ways that are deeply satisfying and meaningful to them.Starts Wednesday, May 1 and goes for 8 more Wednesdays finishing end of June: 4PM – 5-15PM Pacific

masterful_evocateur_webinarOver the 9 – 90 minute sessions 4 Essential Areas of Focus:



  • Module 1 – Context for Evoking
  • Module 2 – Agilities required for Masterful Evoking
  • Module 3 – What to Evoke/Call forth – Singularity
  • Module 4 – What to Evoke/Call forth – Passion
  • Module 5 – What to Evoke/Call forth – Desire
  • Module 6 – What to Evoke/Call forth – Clarity
  • Module 7 – What to Evoke/Call forth – Action
  • Module 8 – What to Evoke/Call forth – Greatness
  • Module 9 – What to Evoke/Call forth – SELF/Genius
Webinar $671

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To find out more about how Michael can help you unleash your personal transformation, contact him directly at (949) 716-9267.