Personal & Professional Growth Solutions

Michael Stratford Can Empower Your Personal and Professional Growth

Would you like to feel better about living and expressing your uniqueness? Approach life and business as a great game to play and win? Move yourself and others toward personal and business transformation?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, Michael Stratford can help. Known as the Provocateur of Transformation, Michael is a personal growth expert with an innovative and unique approach. He is known for unleashing personal and business transformations.

Innovative and Unique Self Development Programs for Personal and Professional Growth

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else!Be Yourself or Die Someone Else!

There’s no comparison to this self development program in the same way there’s no comparison to You. Michael delivers a one-of-a-kind approach designed to help you become the most You can be and then leverage your uniqueness to full advantage whatever you’re engaged in doing.

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else!

Gamify Your LifeGamify Your Life

Are you playing the game or is the game playing you? Michael delivers this self development program like no other, giving you the power to approach your entire life like the game it is, ultimately helping you win the game on your terms.

Gamify Your Life

Quintessential LeadershipQuintessential Leadership

Michael delivers a unique leadership program that will enable you to lead with confidence, increase employee engagement, keep top talent and leverage the inherent diversity in your team to optimal advantage.

Quintessential Leadership

Evolutionary CoachingEvolutionary Coaching

Confidently work from the presence that helps others eliminate their fears, doubts and secret saboteurs that limit them from getting what they desire out of life. This program will give you the tools to be a powerful, successful and effective transformational coach.

Evolutionary Coaching

Explore the personal and professional growth solutions above, or contact Michael Stratford directly at (949) 716-9267 to discuss your specific needs.