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Michael Stratford Can Help You Unleash Your Personal Transformation

Find and be Your Unique Self, Gamify Your Life or Become the Ultimate Coach!

Michael Stratford Can Help You Unleash Your Personal TransformationAs the Provocateur of Transformation, Michael Stratford can help you unleash your personal transformation in finding and being your unique self, leveraging your unique leadership style, gamifying your life or becoming an effective coach to others.

Michael is well-known as a pioneer and leader in the field of coaching, coach training and development. He has trained more than 6,000 coaches worldwide and authored curriculum for many coach training organizations.

Michael Stratford Interactives

Michael Stratford InteractivesBe Yourself or Die Someone Else!

Michael loves coaching people to find and be their unique self.  He then helps them to leverage that uniqueness toward the success that matters most to them.  His focus will be ensuring you’re using your uniqueness to optimal effect—whatever your specific goals may be.

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else!

Michael Stratford InteractivesGamify Your Life

The entire world is one giant made up game, except people keep forgetting that’s the way it is. Michael gives you the keys to masterfully play it in ways that are a fit for you.  He believes there’s a game out there that you’re uniquely built for even if it’s not apparent yet. Michael will give you the power to approach your entire life like the game it is, ultimately helping you win the game on your terms.

Gamify Your Life

Michael Stratford InteractivesEvolutionary Coach

Michael can help you confidently help others eliminate their fears, doubts and secret saboteurs that limit them from getting what they desire out of life.  You’ll get the tools you need to be an effective, successful and transformational coach.

Evolutionary Coach

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To find out more about how Michael can help you unleash your personal transformation, contact him directly at (949) 716-9267.