Gamify Your Life / Work Interactive

Make Your Life or Work Exciting, Ongoing Experiences of Winning

Gamify Your Life or Work Interactive with
Michael Stratford

Gamify Your Life / Work InteractiveEveryone’s life is a game and most people don’t know how to play well enough to have an ultimate win. Michael Stratford’s Gamify Webinars are a great way to address the elements that can take your life from something you have to endure, to an exciting ongoing experience of winning in ways that uniquely fit you, even while playing in other people’s games.

The interactive webinar format is a great way to encounter content while having the availability of GameMaster Michael’s live interaction to help guide your understanding and then application.  Each session of the webinar comes with engaging “play dates.”  These are topics to experiment with in between sessions so you can take the theory and make it real as it applies to you.

Gamify Your Life and Work Topics

The following topics can be customized for your specific needs and interests.

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! InteractivesGamify Your Life

Gamify Your Life focuses on the totality of your experience in the world—life, work, health, community, money, relationships, etc.  You’ll discover how all the games you play interact and are best served by a macro game approach that allows them to play well with each other instead of compete for your attention.

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! InteractivesGamify Your Work

Gamify Your Work focuses on your career/work experience, potentially including sales, leadership and teamwork.  It’s about clarifying a meaningful work game to allow you to play at work and have your work-play experience meld into what we call Plrk! This is where your work feels like the best game you’ve ever played.

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