Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! Interactive

Discover How to be Yourself in Life,
Work and Love

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! InteractiveBe Yourself or Die Someone Else! Interactive with Michael Stratford

This series of webinars is designed to be an online exploration into the essence of Living from You. It challenges you to become the single thing that no one can be but you…. and that is You.  It starts with the premise that you changed the universe when you were born and immediately became enmeshed in a system that asserted you must become like others in order to succeed.


Available Topics

Each of the topics below include nine 75-minute sessions that give you tools you can use on your pathway to recovering You. They also have just-in-time interactions with Michael Stratford, your lodestar on the journey of subtracting anything that isn’t you.

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! InteractivesBe Yourself in Life

(Nine Session Online Webinar Series)

Being yourself is a challenge when the world says “do it this way.” This nine session course will help you find the David inside the stone as Michelangelo said “by chipping away everything that was not him,” and then celebrating and leveraging the uniqueness that you are in your everyday life. You will thereby draw opportunities, events and people who want to play and engage with that uniqueness.

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! InteractivesBe Yourself At Work

(Nine Session Online Webinar Series)

This nine session online interactive focuses on leveraging your strengths, your talents, your methodologies and your values toward becoming more effective at work, or at the other end of the spectrum, to create work that fits you.

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! InteractivesBe Yourself in Love

(Nine Session Online Webinar Series)

We all want to be loved for who we are, although we’ve also been trained to become what others seek in order to get that love out of fear that no one will love us as we are. This interactive webinar helps center you in the essence of yourself, subtract the false sense of self you may think you are, and then have the confidence to express and hold out for someone who isn’t seeking to change you, but joyously appreciates you the way you are and wants to support you for being that.

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