Masterful Feedback Experience

Give ~ Receive ~ Succeed

The first thing many people think of when someone says “Can I give you some feedback?’ is “Oh great, here it comes.” And then you prepare for the inevitable onslaught of someone’s opinion or judgment masquerading as ‘constructive criticism.’ It can be depressing, debilitating or downright diminishing. And it’s rarely uplifting.

The thing is, unfortunately and inadvertantly most people have learned some terrible habits around giving feedback. And most are also even less adept at receiving it. Yet this is a vital interaction for anyone in business, and an especially crucial one for leaders, managers, consultants trainers and coaches.

This event will give you the distinctions and framework for giving and receiving effective feedback. It will help you and other leverage this most fundamental to existence experience –  feedback.

So, If you want to:

Then come along and play in the Masterful Feedback Event and get the cleanest, clearest and simplest definition of feedback you even hear, and the S.W.E.E.T model to reference  when you go to a feedback session.

**Special Note: For Coaches there are 6.5 hours of CEU”s for Core Competencies