Masterful Feedback Interactive Webinar

Michael Stratford Can Help You Uplevel Your MFQ ( Masterful Feedback Quotient)

Become the Ultimate Coach! An Evolutionary Coach…a coach whose Presence Evokes Genius from their clients.

As the Provocateur of Transformation, and the Founder of Evolutionary Coaching, Michael Stratford can help you evolve your coaching so that you and your clients engage in your ongoing personal and professional evolution instead of making a leap, stopping and having to create the energy to leap again, and again, and again…

Giving and receiving feedback (direct communication) is one of the most crucial skills a leader, coach, manager and consultant needs to do masterfully. Most of what passes for feedback unfortunately isn’t what it needs to be in order for it to be of value.

No one can live without feedback so it makes sense to learn whatever you can in order to be brilliant and masterful with it, either from the giving end or the receiving end. In both cases, people often want to hide from what has often become an unpleasant experience whether delivering or receiving feedback.

This webinar gives perhaps the simplest definition and model one will ever encounter.

**This Webinar has been awarded 6 hrs. in Core Competencies category for ICF CCE’s.**

Masterful Feedback (Direct Communication)  is a 4 week deep dive into the practice and presence required to powerfully and accurately reflect the impact of one person’s actions on another.  This reflection allows a person to make significant changes in upgrading their ability to influence the outcomes of all projects they’re engaged with.  When reality is reflected cleanly, clearly and with a desire to facilitate one’s self improvement, the results which are normally ‘scattershot’ in their effectiveness coalesce into the powerful alignment between purpose and action.

Dates: Tuesdays  –  Nov. 5, Nov. 12, Nov. 19, Nov. 26

Time:  3PM – 4-30 PM Pacific

Over the 4 – 90 minute sessions there are 4 Essential Areas of Focus:

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