Masterful Questions for attendees only

Masterful Questions: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

from the Provocateur of Evolution, Michael Stratford

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Module 1 – The Crucial Context for Provocative Inquiry- Oct. 9

The context for Masterful Questions is about the larger picture that affects the process called Provocative Inquiry. Without clearing where the questions come from – the presence required,  one comes from one often runs afoul of a lower level of interaction. This can be exhibited as mechanical, formulaic, directive, or merely strategic and tactical. Inquiry  becomes simply collecting data for problem solving instead of calling forth the essence of who the client really is in the fullest expression of their potential. . The optimal context informs the action.


Module 2 – Addition by Subtraction and the Qunitessential Coaching Equation – Oct. 16

Most of the time people seek to enhance their development by means of an additive process. Get more skills, learn new stuff, acquire things or ideas. This is actually not the optimal place to play. It’s not that it’s not useful however, until one is subtracting that which keeps the self small, all the strategies, tactics, decisions and actions will come from the smaller self and therefore create the same limitations the client is already experiencing only a variation of same. Which for many, looks like progress when in fact it isn’t


Module 3 – Deep Questiuoning – Beyond the Iceberg you can see – Oct 23

It wasn’t the iceberg that was seen that sank the titanic, it was what was underneath. Until the coach helps the client get to the deeper places within themselves, they can’t be able to see the current scenario in the larger context of the meaning of their life and how it turns out.



Module 4 – The Evolutionary Coach – Coach as Portal – Oct. 30

Some people think that coaching is about change, others about transformation, however, while both are serviceable and on the continuum of supporting a client’s development, they are still limited as they require the client to have to change, arrive, assess, change, arrive , assess ad infinitum as the world changes around them. Transformation is much better in that there is a being shift more than merely a change of behavior and yet, there’s a further place to go in coaching for both coach and client. And that is evolution