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Fighting Infobesity

Don't overfill your clients

Take a glass. Fill it with water. When it’s full how much more can you put in? None. You can try to pour more into it if you like but it just spills out over the top. It’s full.

The internet is suffering from a disease. Infobesity. Just like pouring water into the glass, we are being fed more and more information as the meme of ‘content = value’ virals its way into our minds. Gathering information isn’t learning. It might look like it but it’s not. If you can’t do it, you haven’t learned it. You’ve just acquired information ABOUT it.

More content ≠ More value

Now I love creating content as much as the next person. I love the process of it; the feeling something is ‘coming through me from the universe.’ Over the years, when I’ve attended programs, events or trainings there is so much content no one could possibly act on it. I’ve watched myself and others go into data coma. Sadly, I confess to having done this to others myself.

Despite the ‘just follow these simple steps’ mantra, there’s too much information to digest. Just like having too much food at thanksgiving.

No more ‘shelf help’

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Posted by Michael Stratford in Takin Care of Business.