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The Illusion of Control Prevents Freedom

Those of you who like to feel in control may have difficulty with this one so proceed at the risk of having your perception challenged. I have no control over your agreement or disagreement, I only present what is.

If one truly looks at the circumstance of an event occurring, any event, one can see that we have participation, perhaps even influence and yet no control.  Any interpretation to the contrary is to ignore the enormous amount of factors that must concur in order for something to happen.

Any event is merely the confluence of a multiplicity of elements that must either converge or diverge

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Posted by Michael Stratford in Thought Provoking.

Jailed by the Illusion of Choice

One of the most pervasive attachments human beings have is to the illusion that they have a choice in anything. Yes I know it pushes all kinds of buttons regarding free will and determinism to bring this up and yet, I perceive it’s useful to present the following.

Choice…is an addiction to ego.

Now at this moment you can continue reading this article from the seemingness of “it’s my choice to quit or not quit” and yet I would assert that you have no choice in the matter. You will either stop reading because you sense it clashes

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Posted by Michael Stratford in Thought Provoking.