Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! Experience

Discover How to Surface as Your “True Self,” Revealing Your Absolute Unique Self that is the Hallmark of Your Nature

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! Experience with Michael Stratford

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! ExperienceIn Michael Stratford’s “Be Yourself or Die Someone Else” keynote presentation or three day transformational event, participants dive into the “not self” in order to surface again as their “true self,” revealing the absolute unique self that is the hallmark of their nature.

The three day transformational experience includes exercises, solo and group experiences, reflective moments and a presencing of communication.  Participants will connect with their essence, the core of who they truly are and were forged to be by the life experiences they’ve encountered.  They’ll be supported in integrating their fullest expression of the one-of-a-kind mind/body/spirit they were born to be.  It is a life changing experience.

Michael Stratford’s keynote or three day self development program will help you discover how being yourself is:

Live Event $667

What People Are Saying

Michael is playful, irreverent, yet respectful. He met us where we were comfortable, yet enticed and challenged us to go further. Simple, effective, and worthwhile.

Christina James, RN

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To find out more about this self development program and how you can reclaim your true self, contact Michael Stratford directly at (949) 716-9267.