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Lead with Confidence, Increase Employee Engagement, Keep Top Talent and Leverage Your Team’s Diversity

Quintessential Leadership ExperienceQuintessential Leadership Experiences with
Michael Stratford

Michael Stratford has helped the executives and teams of many companies discover a new approach to transformational leadership.  He delivers unique leadership development programs that will enable you to lead with confidence, increase employee engagement, keep top talent and leverage the inherent diversity in your team to optimal advantage.

Available Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development ProgramsMasterful Engagement

(Typically Delivered as a Two Day Event)

Employee engagement is at an all time low¹, and for a majority of executives, it has become one of their highest priorities.²

In order to address this challenge, it’s important to approach people on the human-to-human level instead of the usual “create a program and put everyone through it” method that is the norm for organizational development initiatives.

In this two-day event, participants will dig into the four critical pressure points that are in the background of employee engagement issues.

Michael Stratford, Board Certified Master Coach, has crafted an innovative experience born from 20 years as an executive coach for Fortune 500 companies. The workshop will address the engagement challenge from a fresh perspective…fostering employee engagement through emotional attachment and individual interaction.

While many approaches typically focus on incentives and behavioral strategy, his approach shifts to employee interactions enriched with Masterful Questions, Deepening Connection, Gamification and Leveraging Uniqueness.

This highly interactive workshop will augment the existing skills of the participants in these four directions while also refining and enhancing their mastery.

¹(Seventy-one percent of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” in their work, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and are less likely to be productive. Source – Gallup Oct. 2011.)

²(87% of C-Suite executives recognize that disengaged employees is one of the biggest threats to their business – Source: Re-engaging with engagement, The Economist 2011)

Leadership Development ProgramsTransformational Leadership Workshops

Michael Stratford’s transformational leadership workshops are based on the Five Timeless Practices of Transformational Leadership, which all utilize the principle of ongoing evolution.  The following leadership workshops may be tailored to stand alone, be woven into a year-long experience, or be integrated with any other leadership training or development program.  These are delivered both on and off site, and are supplemented with coaching for application and integration.

Timeless Practices of Transformational Leadership Workshops
  • Masterful Questions
    (Typically One Day Workshop Delivered Onsite)
    Every leader needs to be able to ask great questions—questions that get to the heart of the matter, to the source of the issue and the root of the problem.  Michael Stratford will help your leaders develop the ability to go deeper, getting beyond the usual surface answers that perpetuate ongoing problems in the work environment.
  • Masterful Feedback
    (Typically One Day Workshop Delivered Onsite or Offsite with Follow Up Webinar)
    Every leader, in fact, every employee needs to know how to give and receive feedback that can be powerfully influential on the process called “change.”  The follow-up webinar often focuses on the what-to-do-when questions that arise.
  • Masterful Presence
    (Typically Two Day Offsite Workshop)
    This workshop clearly contributes to transformational leadership, addressing elements of presence and the leader’s unique leadership style.  It is part of becoming a leader worth following who makes more than just inspirational speeches. It supports the leader in expressing their unique leadership qualities.
  • Masterful Coaching
    (Typically Four Day Workshop Delivered Offsite, Although it can be Delivered Onsite if Certain Parameters are Observed)
    Coaching is the most powerful contributor to personal development and growth of both the leader and the team. If the leader and managers aren’t developing those around them to their optimal performance through coaching, then they’re missing an opportunity. This experience gives the leader and the manager the Being frame and skill set to “hit the ground running” and use coaching immediately!
  • Masterful Gamification
    (Typically Four-and-a-Half Day Workshop)
    This experience is designed to reorient leaders and their teams to approach the work tasks, projects and initiatives as a game they can win easily.  Approaching work like a game returns people to the levels of creativity, imagination, focus and concentration that is automatically present in every game.

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