Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! Coaching

Discover How to Be Your True Self and then Leverage Your Unique Self Toward the Success that Matters Most to You

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! One-on-One Coaching with Michael Stratford

Be Yourself or Die Someone Else! CoachingMaster Certified Coach Michael Stratford’s “Be Yourself or Die Someone Else” one-on-one coaching can help you dive into your “not self” in order to surface again as your “true self,” revealing your absolute unique self that is the hallmark of your nature.

Michael’s focus will be ensuring you’re using your uniqueness to optimal effect—whatever your specific goals may be.  He often helps people arrive at their true self by the principle of addition by subtraction.

One-on-One coaching with Michael Stratford will help you discover how being your unique self is:

About Michael Stratford, MCC

Michael Stratford, MCC

Michael is well-known as a pioneer and leader in the field of coaching, coach training and development. As a Master Certified Coach, he has trained more than 6,000 coaches worldwide, developed curriculum for four coach training organizations and trained their trainers.  Michael is also the author of four books for coaches.

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