Quintessential Leadership Coaching

Transformational Leadership Maximizing Your Unique Leadership Style

Quintessential Leadership CoachingQuintessential Leadership One-on-One and Group Coaching with Michael Stratford

Quintessence is the purest and most highly concentrated essence.  In ancient philosophy, it was said to be the fifth and highest essence after the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, and thought to be the substance of the heavenly bodies and latent in all things. This is transformational leadership oriented toward maximizing each person’s unique leadership style.

Transformational Leadership Coaching Options

Transformational Leadership Coaching Options Group Coaching for Team Effectiveness

Group Coaching for Team Effectiveness is focused on the team’s ability to have the kind of working relationships necessary for optimal team performance. It features team observation, one-on-one coaching with members of the team and shadow coaching (observance of the team interaction designed for feedback purposes) for the gathered team.

Transformational Leadership Coaching Options Leadership Mastery Coaching

Leadership Mastery Coaching focuses not only on the leader’s ability to deliver the business results, but also on the interactions needed with their team to have the team deliver business transformation. On occasion this will involve in person shadowing your “Presence” sessions for meeting purposes.

Michael Stratford, MCCAbout Michael Stratford, MCC

Michael is well-known as a pioneer and leader in the field of coaching, coach training and development. As a Master Certified Coach, he has trained more than 6,000 coaches worldwide, developed curriculum for four coach training organizations and trained their trainers.  Michael is also the author of four books for coaches.

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What happened for me exceeded my wildest expectations. It opened my eyes to possibilities I had never considered before.

I have more money, less stress, better relationships and the time to enjoy
them all.

Finally an approach that fits ME! One that I can use to make my life turn out the way I want it to…very cool…revolutionary and yet very simple too.

Michael is the best thing that could happen to you and your business. I’m a better communicator, smarter with money and with decision-making overall.

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