Evolutionary Coaching

Take Your Coaching Past the Transactional Level, Through the Transformational Level and Into the Evolutionary Coaching Level

Evolutionary Coaching for Coaches with
Michael Stratford, MCC

Evolutionary Coaching If you’re a professional coach, you know that our profession is constantly changing and it’s incumbent on us to continue our personal and professional evolution or we will be left behind.

Master Certified Coach Michael Stratford’s Evolutionary Coaching takes you and your coaching past the transactional coaching level, through the transformational level and into the evolutionary coaching level.   This evolution all occurs while highlighting, valuing and honoring your uniqueness.

Areas of Focus

Michael Stratford, MCCAbout Michael Stratford, MCC

Michael is well-known as a pioneer and leader in the field of coaching, coach training and development. As a Master Certified Coach, he has trained more than 6,000 coaches worldwide, developed curriculum for four coach training organizations and trained their trainers.  Michael is also the author of four books for coaches.

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