Masterful Evocateur – for attendees only

Masterful Evocateur the Art of Calling Forth Genius

from the Provocateur of Transformation, Michael Stratford

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Module 1 – The context for Evoking – May 1

The context for Evoking is about the larger picture that affects the process called evoking. Without exploring where masterful evoking comes from one often runs afoul of a lower level of interaction. This can be experienced as manipulation of behavior. Evoking becomes simply calling out and challenging instead of calling forth. The optimal context informs the action.


Module 2 – The Agilities used for Evoking – May 8

Agility means quickness and nimbleness. These agilities are beyond skill sets in that they require both Being and Doing in order for them to work. There are 6 of these that work for Evoking. We will address all 6.


Module 3 – What to call – Singularity – May 22

Singularity refers to two distinct realms. The source point from which the behavior flows and the recognition of uniqueness. In this module, we dive into both with a keen eye for distinctions.


Module 4 – What to call – Passion – May 29

Many people want to call forth others’ passion and do so by attempting to force it out by saying “be more passionate” or “where is your passion?” Both methods fall short of bringing out the full power of what passion is/isn’t and what it can do. We’ll address that here.


Module 5 – What to call – Desire – June 5

Often confused for passion, and sometimes called ‘wants’, desire has much more fire in it. Desire doesn’t drive anything. It’s actually calling you forward instead of pushing from behind. And desires have a unique attunement to the human soul. That’s where we’re going.


Module 6 – What to call – Clarity – June 12

Knowing what you’re clear about is one thing. Knowing what to do about what you’re clear about is another. And yet there’s a further place where you have clarity not only of ‘what to do’, but of ‘who you are’ and how that all fits into what you’re really about. And then, what to do with that recognition becomes absolutely clear…even if that clarity is ‘there’s nothing to do about that right now.’


Module 7 – What to call – Action – June 19

This is one area many people are addicted to forcing. It comes in demands, requests, and more often manipulation. What is missed in those three is an alignment with the action that is already there to be taken, is often willfully overlooked. We’ll get to the bottom of where congruent action is truly born from.


Module 8 – What to call – Greatness – June 26

There’s a lot of talk about supporting one’s greatness. This is a very good thing. We will explore the means whereby greatness is presenced by the absence of what isn’t greatness. When all is taken away, nothing remains but the human beings’ greatness.


Module 9 – What to call – Genius (Self) – July 3

This module is where we get down to the essence. The Self is the residence of paradox of being uniquely generated and simultaneously in absolute connection with everything. It requires us to be able to work with both/and, instead of either/or. And the fullest expression of unique self is the true gift of masterful evocation.