The Evolutionay Coach AMPed™ Program

Help Others Eliminate Their Fears, Doubts and Secret Saboteurs

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Evolutionary Coaching AMPed™ Program

At My Pace education by Michael Stratford

Great coaches are always looking for what’s next so they can more powerfully and more easily serve their clients. They see personal development and their own evolution as a necessary step and a requirement to coach their clients to/with less effort, creating more meaningful success.

Evolutionary Coaching AMPed is comprised of three courses all designed to interweave into their own transformational experience for the coach:

Masterful Agilities

(Nine Self-Paced Sessions with “Must Do” Practice in Between)

This is a serious upgrade from the level of mere competencies. When these Nine Agilities created by Michael are mastered, there is no “stuck” with themselves or the client. The interactions go deeper, quicker and often bypass resistance. Or, they simply subtract resistnace, leaving only the powerful presence of the client so they are clearly self-directed toward the actions that bring their life value and meaning.

Masterful Provocation

(Nine Self-Paced Sessions)

To provoke or not to provoke, that is the question…for the uninitiated maybe, but not for those who’ve taken Masterful Provocation. These nine sessions help the coach to discern when, where, what and how to masterfully provoke the limitations and constructs that comprise a client’s world and hold them back from the kind of life and work experience they dream about.

Included are:

  • The seven key realms of limitation to provoke
  • Checklists for the coach to assess their own internal “Provocation” barriers
  • MP3s to guide coaches through the process of absencing those internal barriers so that nothing is left but the natural presence of effortless timely provocation
Masterful Evocateur AMPed™

(Nine Self-Paced Sessions)

Provoking and challenging limitations and barriers is very valuable and powerful. The next step is even more so. Masterful Evocateur is a nine session self-directed course that readies the coach to call forth the true power of the client in seven specific areas. When this self is called forth, the client naturally moves toward their deepest desires with a kind of organic power that flows toward a life of success, and meaning.

Included are:

  • The seven key aspects to evoke
  • Checklists for the coach to clarify any obstacles that may be in the way of the coach presencing the appropriate evocation
  • MP3s that guide coaches to subtracting any emotional constructs that might impede their most intuitive interaction with the client