Gamify Your Life/Work AMPed™ Program

Shift Your Life and Work to Become the Best Game You’ve Ever Played… and Won!

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Gamify Your Life and Work AMPed Program

At My Pace education by Michael Stratford

This self-paced course will help you discover how to shift your life and work to become the best you’ve ever played.  And you get to win… because you’re designing the game!

The heart of Gamify Your Life/Work is “playing it your own way.”   That’s why we’ve designed an At-My- Pace-Program for you to be able to play it at your own timing, in your own environment, and… at your own pace.

Think of it like solitaire. No one tells you when to play, how long to play or where to play from.

This Course Will Guide You Through Three Rounds:

Round 1: The Basics
Seven sessions focused on the essential elements present in all games. Here you get Gamify’s version of baseball’s keys – hit the ball, throw the ball, and catch the ball. Which means you can start very quickly in shifting how you play in the world. And each session has optional moves to make in order to keep experimenting how to make it real.

Round 2: Uplevel your Game
Seven more video sessions and more moves to make, but this time you’re encountering the Game Changers that seriously add more fun and moment-to-moment success while you continue making the game yours and having if fit better than the best shoes you’ve ever worn!

Round 3: Epic Meaning 
Round 3 is an in-person experience only, by application and interview only for those taking the AMP path. Think about it. You could read all you want to about basketball, understand all the moves and principles, but until you’re playing the game, you have no clue what the experience is like. And you have even less idea about what mastery of the experience is like. Sooner or later, even the most advanced concepts must be experienced in order for them to be useful and sink in. Think of this round like eating the food instead of just reading the menu and the descriptions.

Your AMPed Program Includes